by iamamiwhoami

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released November 10, 2014

performance: iamamiwhoami
music: Jonna Lee & Claes Björklund
lyrics: Jonna Lee
producer: Claes Björklund
mastering: Dan Smith

photography: John Strandh
costume: Mathieu Mirano
graphic design and illustration: Jan Scharlau

label: To whom it may concern.
catalog: TWIMC004

© + ℗ 2014 To whom it may concern.


all rights reserved



iamamiwhoami Stockholm, Sweden

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Track Name: fountain
what lies beyond the fringe of the woods?
dust to dust, so we leave for good
when all has gone to blazes, i start to run
until i find places where nobody's gone

no more weight on your conscience
with ease, i go back to the start

surge like a fountain, like tide
and swallow the bleed
flows like a fountain, inside
gather force from the sea
riding this giant wave, untied
let it wash me clean

crawling through deafening cold
turning head, there's no sight of home
though my body's aching, we have to push on
for every stride, a new line is drawn

from watching eyes, i blindly rove
to guard my stories and find new gold
Track Name: hunting for pearls
deep blue diver with our hopes in your hands
won't you take me with you to another land?
pure sapphire, hiding in the sands
of the darkest depths ever known to man
jointly, there is nothing we can't do

what composure and sharp slight of hand
at night, i lay awake and hear you call my name

in the strangest lands, i will grasp my chance
sing the unsung words i have searched to spell

and i shackle myself, i risk it all
bringing us closer to the core
returning treasures to the shore
and together, we take back what is ours
hunting for pearls at the ocean floor
for us to cherish and adore

days are hollow
nights come to my defence
i shut my eyes and focus not to lose her sense
it's her we follow
she holds the secret spell
i know the place she goes, i wave her farewell
jointly, there is nothing we can't do
Track Name: vista
stretching out before my eyes
all riches a ruler requires
regal shimmer blinding shine
all hollowness when all this is mine

through all the shallow depths i had to wade
this could have become my darkest hour
enough of days of living in the shade

my icy heart will turn to gold
gazing underneath this tidy sky
claim my land of frozen soil
rest my eyes on this grand view making it mine

can you follow me never to be found?
tasting salty in the great blue, we will shine

improbable place unknown
untouched and undestroyed
here i let my armies grow
our voices will loudly crow

who ever needed identity to reign
make them believe to cure their drought
i want the world rushing through my veins

can you follow me through the second round?
can you taste the pale white salt against your tongue?
Track Name: tap your glass
tap your glass, let us see you unfold
shall i tap my glass and give it my all?
we could tap our glasses, let ourselves go now

tap my glass, raise my voice to call upon your attention
as it fills to the verge
when full, it breaks and floods all suspension
draw a breath and let ourselves go
through the dark veil, we slowly float
feel the salt slowly fill your throat

from the tide that's rising
using all of my force, i form shapes of the sea
you're changing its course
we are creating new islands
now will the flood come swallow down all our sorrow
down and down, we drown, we drown
we drown here

let the shallows of above forget us
getting closer to the bottom
the venture of a life in the cold never to be forgotten
unless they want to let themselves go
unless they choose to be swallowed
then the above will be visible

we are creating new islands
the tide is rising
Track Name: blue blue
in the blackened waters of conceit
i saw my silhouette pale and bleached
all thin outlines and no shape
dash the surface for the self to show
displays a vague shadow i should know
unless you define me, there's no faith

continue the line i draw
fill in the missing mark
without you, you
i am who?
build me up all nice and tall
lift me up and make me soar
out of the blue, blue
i'll be new

here we spent every resource
against the current, change the course
with no land in sight
give me pace
owning up to each letter spelled
rewrite the story that i now tell
come let's run from the chase

across the bottomless blue
seeking the truth, i turn to you
reflected back in all your shine
a making of your design
Track Name: thin
our finds beneath the cloak of night
has our minds in control
we guard them with our weary eyes
and we watch them grow
when the time is right and we’re ready to begin
at first tide, your patience’s wearing thin

we scatter in the night
like scarlet red on winter white
melting into thin

the kind of which i came to be
after being swallowed whole
by offering a piece of me
to any given fool

we scatter in the night
like innocent sheets of white
spreading by the wind

they turn to us
they ask us why
who say they are to trust
what we define?
Track Name: chasing kites
it's a thin, thin line and i’ve walked both sides of it
seen the other side appear so tempting, worth dying for it
and your limbs aching out of want
absorbing your every thought
worth risking it all for
working its wonders now for you

over the ocean outcast, with nowhere to go
a brighter forecast, new winds will blow
the storm that's drawing near
will calm and the air is clear
waste my youth chasing kites
i know will blow out of my hands

push our heads in the sand, there's nothing here to seek
no discovery of mine will be safe in these seas
you feel that bitter taste on your tongue
swallow your every wrong
let your sins fill your lungs
ending all worries now for you

overlooking our past, letting it go
a brighter forecast, new winds will blow
the storms that's drawing near
will calm and the air is cleared
waste my youth chasing kites i know will blow
Track Name: ripple
with one hand above the rising line
fighting to keep my innocence dry
before we sail this raft aground
if we won't live to hear the sound

no built ship can save their kind
they’ll be holding their breaths
for the rest of their lives

before you sail that raft aground
join us in the search and take a dive

flotsam and jetsam all this driftwood
can't you see the forest for the trees?
Track Name: the last dancer
the life has gone from this room
there is no future for me
there was dancing, and the mood
shifted from tender to a lifeless beat
needless happy as in june
when this battle stained the white with bleeding
i will not be equal to
the fool who cherishes her own misdeed

look at the stars in the winter sky
everything will bleed tonight
what a beautiful day to die

the last i saw of myself
was a shadow in the water stream
and the life that i left
to walk into the land of defeat
now this is home, this is wealth
awakening to the sound of the sea
where i can watch from a distance
and rule my land of misery

look at the stars in the winter sky
everything will bleed tonight
what a beautiful day to die
feel the air grow cold and dry
everything will bleed tonight
what a beautiful day to die

the shadow from the former
over my shoulder waiting to take me home
i heard its every call
i know what it wants
i’m willing to leave for home
Track Name: shadowshow
i am fire, i am damage in the making
i am an army set out to control your every ticking
i am a giant stepping on the tiny world you live in

and you shake and you shiver
as the roof is coming down
and the walls grow thinner

shadowshow darkens the river
turn hearts into stone
we run, we run terrified, what have we done?
is this how it goes?
silence grows loudly bigger
its heartrending crow
you run, you run terrified, what have you done?
is this how it goes?
it's how it goes

mass confusion never been so excited
what your hearts felt for us was evidently unrequited

and by the sea, we’re laying down our hopes
you will conquer all
your rise, our fall
and by the sea, i’m laying down my hopes
we will conquer all
our rise, your fall

and i shake and i shiver
as i cut through skin and bone
can you solve the riddle?

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